Webinar · Aug 31, 2021

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Some leaders have thrived in the past year, yet many have found the rough waters challenging. Struggling to keep connected, with each other and their own teams, they lost sight of the greater goal, relapsing to transactional relationships and mechanical team dynamics. Despite best intentions, our research highlights broad feelings of disconnect, deepening silos and low engagement are commonplace in their ways of working.

So, what can leaders do to row through this rough water and re-build themselves into a high performing team? How can you reconnect with each other? How can you re-focus on your key goals in a changing marketplace? And how can you re-establish the more open and honest conversations needed to tackle the current performance challenges and opportunities?

Join our two Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? founders, Olympic Gold Medallist Ben Hunt-Davis and Tom Barry, who will host this 60-minute session. On it they will be sharing our own research, recent client stories and 3 key practical strategies on how leaders can reset and re-build a high performing team.

Ben and Tom will share clear recommendations for leaders to:

  • Re-focus on key goals and communicate and engage with the management teams below
  • Revise and reinstate shared Team Rules to energise working together effectively
  • Re-connect with the purpose and excitement of work and re-establish more open and honest conversations in teams
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