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We have led from the front and now run 95% of our consultancy and programme delivery via Zoom or Teams. We are constantly challenging ourselves and our clients to make the experience as interactive and impactful as possible. Never has it been more important to have highly skilled and experienced consultants working for Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? and we believe we lead the field in our approach to virtual delivery from teams of 6 to rooms of 600.

Participant feedback for virtual delivery:

Our approach to virtual delivery

As part of the diagnostic process we undertake for all of our work, we will discuss how virtual delivery can work best for you and how we can leverage our best practice. We’ll ensure that the outcomes you are gaining from our work together are just as strong via a virtual platform as they would be with us in the room.

What may surprise you is that a world class virtual event can actually be just as inspiring and valuable as face-to-face. More interaction, breakout groups for more detailed discussion, more delegate energy (if managed well!), more chance to feel a part of the event when numbers get bigger. As such, we have tailored our content and delivery approach to ensure that every session is engaging, productive and making a difference. We all hope that a return to more face to face work will take place in 2021, but we believe the virtual work is here to stay and we intend to remain at the forefront of the approach.

Having completed literally hundreds of hours of virtual delivery, from groups of 6 to 600, we would be very happy to share with you our latest thinking and experiences. Please do get in touch or continue scrolling if you’d like to find out more.

What clients are saying about our virtual delivery:

The work myself and the senior team have recently completed with WIMTBGF? has been transformational in the effect it has had on our teamwork, focus and performance. I had my doubts as to what impact we would achieve working virtually but our two days together – an engaging and productive online Leadership Team Workout- surpassed all my expectations. This is yet another example of how Will It? are making a difference to our business.

Rosie Toogood

Superbly put together event sessions – interactive, informative, inspirational, thought provoking, and above all game changing!

Lots of new tools to work on combined with giving everyone real clarity on what must be focussed on…

great speakers, and facilitators who I could listen to for hours.

Ed Rusling

Many thanks to Ben Hunt-Davis & his team at Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?. Our members really enjoyed the delivered online session delivered via Zoom on ‘Steering Your Team Through Times of Change’. The content was very timely and also a good blend of theory and practical advice. We always value sessions where our members get practical takeaways to implement in their organisations and this was certainly the case with this one. Would whole heartedly recommend.

Karen Berry
Entrepreneurs Forum

How do we make it work?

This is a complex area and we are bespoke in our approach to every client engagement, but there are five key components of our approach that you will always see to ensure we optimise our time together virtually:

  • Facilitator experience  – vastly experienced facilitators adept at recognising the group dynamic and personalities within. Guiding the group with a highly engaging, fun, energetic, empathetic and methodical style
  • Understand, Practice, Apply – our delivery model ensures a balanced and actionable process, giving people a sharpness of focus without overloading them with content and ideas
  • Concentration Span & Focus – knowing the precise limits of how well delegates can stay engaged – driving how we manage plenary sessions, breakouts and breaks
  • Interactive Tools – maximising the engagement through engaging visual material; interactive tools throughout (polls, chat, screen annotation, breakout rooms) and a steely focus on what’s most important
  • Application focussed – each piece of content leads to immediate activity and actions against the key challenges and opportunities – build critical momentum on the day and subsequently

See us in Action

You can see some examples of our virtual delivery approach here:

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