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With experience of over 5000 events, we virtually combine world class speakers with hugely practical workshops to inspire people to go back to their desk and do things differently.

So much money is spent on annual conferences and team events which often delivers a lack of ROI. Our unique approach combines content and practicality to webinars and virtual conferences to make it a game changer for any employee wherever they sit in your business.

Our story and principles of high performance born from Ben’s journey to Olympic gold is a motivational and relatable concept to base your conference on. We support you in designing an entirely bespoke approach and using our track record of exceptional conference delivery we ensure your event is both remarkable and memorable for years to come.


Virtual conferences and events are a fantastic opportunity to present a topic that is engaging, relevant and inspirational for your team. A great way to provide informative content to your audience in a motivating and cost effective way. To design our webinars we partner with you to uncover the challenges and opportunities your business is facing, enabling us together to:

  • Co-create the design and content to address the challenges and objectives you’re focussed on
  • Co-create a world class event

  • Get everyone in your organisation rowing in the same direction

  • Align your people behind a strategic objective

  • Re-invigorate your team with the motivation to perform at the highest level

  • Design and virtually deliver outstanding content that will drive real change in your business


We deliver virtual conferences and events which enable leaders and delegates to develop:
  • We use our knowledge and experience to design the flow of the day to ensure the conference is engaging and memorable and meets your objectives throughout
  • An understanding of the factors that build high performing individuals and teams
  • We have highly experienced facilitators who are experts at delivering virtually and in person.  They engage and inspire your people to deliver exceptional performance
  • We can work with your presenters to structure their presentations prior to the event to ensure everyone is on message and delivering maximum impact
  • Insights on how individuals can change habits to influence their level of performance
  • Strategies for improving performance; that individuals can adopt immediately
  • Motivation to make changes to both individual and team performance immediately

What Content Can You Expect?

Our best practice virtual conferences and events are broken up into 45 minute chunks and total length of between 90- 180 mins. We use a combination of the following to create an engaging learning experience:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Breakout rooms for intimate group discussions
  • Simulations where people are able to apply their new learnings immediately post webinar
  • A focus on topics including; 1) The High Performance Mindset, 2) Olympic Winning Beliefs, Motivation and Attitude 3) Focussing on Performance in order to gain the results you need
  • We set up the technology to enable this to happen using our recommended platforms

Sample Content

Topic: Team Goals ”The 3Ms”

Exploring three key features of successful teams.
  • Mutual Desire – Teams need clear goals – everyone must know what’s in it for them and how they will benefit from achieving the common goal.
  • Mutual Reliance – Very simply, when push comes to shove most people won’t really go out of their way, to support and help others in a team environment unless they really need to. Everyone needs to know how they and others contribute to the goal.
  • Measurability – You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Holding people to account and tracking progress towards the goal will keep you on track to achieve.
Average score (out of 10) from selected 2019 events which a minimum of 50 people attended
Average score (out of 10) from selected 2020 virtual events which a minimum of 50 people attended
Example of Highlights from a Recent Virtual Webinar

Superbly put together sessions – interactive, informative, inspirational, thought provoking, and above all game changing! Lots of new tools to work on combined with giving everyone real clarity on what must be focussed on. Great speakers and facilitators who I could listen to for hours.

Ed Rusling
CEO of Wound Care People Ltd

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