High Performing Teams Programme

Delivered both virtually and in person, the High Performing Teams Programme gets your whole team rowing in the same direction with a shared purpose, unbreakable trust and highly effective communication.

Our Teamwork Philosophy

Ben and the crew didn’t always see eye to eye. In his book there’s an infamous moment where Ben had to be physically restrained from getting out of the boat – mid lake – and swimming around the boat to confront the Cox.

Becoming a world-class team involved hard work from all of the crew. They had to put their differences to one side, and instead concentrate on their mutual purpose. They developed and constantly refined a set of agreed ways of working, to shape interactions with each other and hold each other to account.


  • To lay the foundations for a high performing team, where all members are rowing in the same direction
  • To go back to basics and understand why each person is motivated to turn up each day, and how they fit within the team dynamic
  • To practically explore team dynamics so it becomes easier to work together effectively, even in the most time-pressed or challenging of scenarios
  • Embedded in the Programme is an individual ‘Team Challenge’ for all delegates taking part to work on and deliver during the Programme. This Team Challenge acts as a catalyst for progress and allows for the immediate application of the Programme


  • Accelerated team collaboration, so that the team become high performers, quicker
  • A clearly defined team purpose and goal, so that each person can prioritise and make decisions effectively
  • Each person understands their own and others’ motivations, so that they can work more effectively together
  • More effective team conversations within an honest but respectful environment
  • Live team coaching, giving an impartial outside view on performance accelerates conversations to attain better results
  • An achieved Team Challenge that quickly brings the focus needed for change and both individual and team success

Who is This Programme For?

  • Senior or mid-level, leadership or functional teams
  • Intact or virtual teams
  • Teams working in fast growing organisations or working through change
  • A new leader recently taking charge of an existing senior team
  • Teams that want to reach their full potential
Average Net Promoter Score
How motivated are you to take the actions you have agreed to*?
How likely would you be to recommend this programme to other leaders/manager*?
*average participant feedback scores for all Team Performance Programmes in 2019
Discussion of the Team Performance Programme's Impact with David Blackburn from FSCS

The Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? team have a unique ability to listen and provide something meaningful and bespoke. Tailoring and adapting the programme has been really valuable, we adjusted the focus as we went along in order to hone in on our individual performance, building resilience and understanding motivators to help each person individually navigate through the change going on.

Susan Schofield
VP EQT Functions, GKN Aerospace

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