Leadership Performance Programme

The Leadership Performance Programme, delivered both virtually and face to face, gets an identified leadership population rowing in the same direction behind a shared, ambitious and motivational goal.

An integrated series of workshops and coaching calls, designed to get the best from our leaders. This programme helps to identify the key challenges that will drive our leaders forward.

Our Leadership Philosophy

In Ben’s story of winning Olympic gold, leadership was imperative to getting them there, through:

  • A clear vision that drove direction and action in pursuit of their Crazy Goal
  • A coach who was authentic and straightforward – who cut through the noise and helped the team focus on what makes the boat go faster
  • A coach who took a balanced focus between the big picture (Crazy Goal) and the important tasks at hand (performance)
  • Continual feedback, delivered and taken onboard to enhance performance

This Programme is designed for teams who want to reach their full potential; whether newly formed or well established. Whether face to face or virtual, this Programme provides you with a defined team vision and the building blocks and accountabilities to get you there.


  • To create an aspirational platform for the development of an identified population of maximum twelve leaders within your organisation
  • We use the vehicle of a ‘Leadership Challenge’ to create a role and business specific project that Leaders must deliver on during the Programme.
  • To collectively increase boat speed across the whole organisation through the aggregation of all Leadership Challenges
  • To further embed a Leadership learning culture that becomes instilled in the wider organisation


  • A crew of developed leaders who deliver Gold medal performance across your business
  • Twelve Business imperative Leadership Challenge projects delivered back to the business as a direct result of this development investment
  • An agreed common language and performance culture that clarifies what it takes to move from ‘good’ to ‘gold medal’ performance
  • Organisational wide increase in business performance through the Leaders ability to inspire and motivate others
  • A strengthened leadership pipeline within the business
said the Programme has played a significant part in enabling them to deliver better results in their areas
Agree or strongly agree that post Programme they are clear on how to be an effective leader
Agree or strongly agree that post Programme they now know how to motivate their team
The above statistics are based on specific Leadership Performance Programmes we ran in 2019. Clients include; Redwood Technologies and Jewson
Tom Barry, Co-founder of WIMTBGF? discussing the outcomes of our Leadership Performance Programme

The leaders are now building the capability of their teams, retaining colleagues who might otherwise have left and lifting performance levels. Ultimately as a result of investing in this programme we have many examples of wide-ranging positive outcomes and results for individuals, teams and Jewson as an organisation


Janine McLeod
HR Lead, Jewson

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