Executive Coaching

We’ll support, challenge and help refine the behaviours of your key people to enable them to get ‘race fit’, tackle challenges and release their full potential.

Coaching Led Ben’s Crew To Olympic Gold

As well as working as part of a crew of 9 with their coach, Martin, Ben and each team member needed time to set goals and reflect individually. To work out what good performance meant for them as individuals, enabling them to focus on how they could improve their mindsets and physical performance as individuals so that they could contribute to at the best of their ability to the overall team. All of this was done 1:1 with their coach and meant that as individuals their goals were clear and as a team together they became increasingly committed and focussed on achieving peak performance.


In elite sport, there is not a single high performer who operates without their own coach. Yet all too often in business, leaders are expected to perform in equally demanding and pressurised environments with minimal support or challenge. The opportunity for continuous performance improvement, stronger resilience and more effective leadership is lost.

If you are a leader of others you’ll benefit from our Executive Coaching. Through challenging, supporting and refining your leadership and decision making, we work to help you build on your current successes and overcome your limiting behaviours. Enabling you to reach the goals you set for your business and your personal performance.



  • A clear, mutual understanding between both parties set out at the beginning of the Programme to set expectations for the journey ahead
  • Challenges and opportunities for the Programme will be identified; to create a bespoke and measurable plan which the coachee will be kept accountable towards. This could be helping an individual through a new role or fundamental change in their business. Every coaching scenario has different needs and we adapt accordingly
  • Over 6-9 months the initially outlined challenges will be addressed, allowing the coachee to begin leading more effectively, immediately and progress towards these actions tracked and discussed
  • Drawing from the Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? principles there is a focus on driving both professional and personal development over the coaching period, simultaneously
  • The coach will work with you to create a relationship where a tension exists between challenge and support, and reflection and action.


What Makes our Executive Coaching Different?

Our approach is born out of performance at the highest level of sport, with Ben Hunt-Davis’ Olympic Gold Medal in the Sydney 2000 Games. Through a detailed and systematic approach to everything they did, Ben and his crew answered the simple question every day – “If I do this, or if I do that, will it make the boat go faster?” They turned their perennial under performance around through the application of straightforward language and principles, working together to achieve their goals. Our coaches guide you to use these same Olympic principles, to think and act in new, simple and more effective ways.

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Co-founder Tom Barry discussing the unique benefits of our Executive Coaching Offering

Working with my coach over a period of eight months has significantly improved my leadership style and capability. Through a process of distilling my personal goals and creating clear linkages and opportunities with my professional role, Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? has been invaluable in developing and supporting the delivery of effective leadership skills and techniques.

Richard Astill
Director at AON



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