Crazy Goal Programme

A ‘Crazy’ goal is the aspirational, emotional and purpose driven goal that unites everyone in your organization, giving them the direction, motivation and clarity they need to perform at the highest level.

Our Crazy Goal Programme helps senior teams to achieve goals they may never have thought possible and work as a world class team in doing so.

The Original Crazy Goal

The term ‘Crazy Goal’ was born from Ben’s story. In 1998, when his crew decided they wanted to win the Olympics, even though they had never finished higher than 6th or 7th in any major race  Everyone they knew said they were crazy.

They didn’t let that stop them. Instead they wore their Crazy Goal like a badge of honor. It gave them purpose, motivation and the energy needed to make it happen.

They asked the question, ‘Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?’ about everything they did. They focused on their performance, and the results soon followed.

They achieved their Crazy Goal, and we can help you achieve yours.


To unite the team behind a an aspirational, motivating and stretching goal. The Crazy Goal Programme:

  • Provides clarity of direction
  • Helps drive collective decision making
  • Breaks down the overarching goal into tangible concrete goals which act as a measure of success towards the overall vision
  • Gets every team member rowing in the same direction, simultaneously


  • Align your leadership team behind a collaborative goal, that everyone is committed to achieving
  • Understand your colleagues’ personal motivators and how you can work together more effectively
  • Enable a far greater focus on prioritising what is most important day to day
  • Layer the goal into bite sized chunks, so it drives the actions and decisions taken each day, in pursuit of the overarching Crazy Goal
  • Embed the goal and ways of working across other leaders, managers and then the whole organisation
  • Over time, achieve the Crazy and Concrete goals you set out and keep one another accountable for the actions needed to be taken in getting there
Our Average Net Promoter Score in 2019 for Crazy Goal Programmes
How motivated leaders are to take the actions agreed on the Programme
How likely senior leaders would be to recommend this Programme to other leaders
*average scores for all Crazy Goal Programmes in 2019
Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?'s Tom Barry Discussing Our Crazy Goal Programme

We had no goal and no single unifying thought. I wanted the opportunity to galvanise everyone. The Crazy Goal is everything we stand for as a brand. We use it in our recruitment, including our assessment centres, we use it throughout our training and how we recognise and reward people, and we rolled it out as comprehensively as we could. We were on a journey and the Crazy Goal repays over the longer term.

Kate Markham
Hiscox MD of London Markets

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