News · Apr 23, 2013

Day one of the first Open Programme

Our first open version of the Performance Programme, and what a success it was! Twenty four participants arrived at the British Olympic Association for day one of the four-month long programme and the energy and enthusiasm that filled the room was tangible!

Being the first time we had run the programme as an open event with individuals from all different backgrounds and a diverse array of Crazy Goals, how the day would go was somewhat uncertain. Despite the many differences, one thing was immediately clear, here lay in front of us a group of individuals that all shared a sense of passion, excitement and aspiration to improve their own performance. As the day progressed though, another similarity emerged; the desire to help each other achieve. A real sense of community and team work developed as people were drawn in to each other’s Crazy goals by the passion, with which they were expressed.

Participants discovered ‘What floats their boat’ by exploring some of the drivers and values they possess throughout a series of activities. As Paul from Diperk Power Solutions expressed:

“I found the day very useful and it has given me much to think about. Providing clarity around personal commitment, Crazy and Concrete goals is a great motivational process.”

Other modules of the day included Crazy & Concrete goals, What’s in it for me?, Bulls*** Filters, Doing the right things, Doing the right things better, Building momentum and Shambles sheets. A variety of tools to stimulate thinking and help participants get their boats moving faster!

I think it’s safe to say everyone left with a smile on their face and a mind whizzing full of new ideas to try out. Fortunately, as our programme is one of sustainability, we’ll be able to check-in and see how everyone is getting on at the next team webinar!

Some Tweets about the day:

“Good morning all: “Fortunately” I’m fired with even more enthusiasm than usual 😉 #WatchOut – courtesy of the inspirational @WillItMake team”

@WillItMake awesome day Yesterday, my head is still buzzing with positive ideas and stuff we’ll be implementing….thanks Ben, Tom & Ella!”

“Great day yesterday with Ben and Tom @WillitMake at GB Olympic Headquarters. Great insights – lots to think about – bring it on.”

“Awesome day, I’m thinking differently already & challenging how we do things”

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