Goals · Sep 5, 2014

On Your Bike! Setting your Personal Crazy Goal

Establishing a Personal Crazy Goal

Do you have a Crazy goal in your personal life as well as at work? Just as setting and understanding your business goals is crucial to success at work, here at Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? we believe it’s crucial to achieving happiness and success at home.

Our very own Tom Barry, co-founder of Will it Make the Boat go Faster? recently set a Crazy goal for himself. On the way back from a trip to visit family in Australia, he and his wife stopped in Shanghai and Beijing for a few days. As they had only a very short amount of time in the two sprawling cities, a friend recommended they take a motorbike sidecar tour of the cities. Tom jumped at the idea (we’re told his wife took a little bit more convincing) and, given his business pedigree (and newfound love of motorcycles), immediately started thinking of ways to turn his brand new experience into something he could enjoy back home.

Tom decided to set himself a Crazy goal and follow the Will it Make the Boat Go Faster? principles as he worked to achieve it. His goal was to buy a 500cc Royal Enfield motorbike and sidecar of his own so he could take visitors staying in local hotels on tours of the Cotswolds. A slight stumbling block for this was that Tom didn’t have a motorcycle licence! That meant that obtaining a licence became Tom’s first Concrete goal and he plunged himself into the work he needed to do to get one.

In order to give him an extra incentive to pass the test as quickly as possible Tom ordered his motorcycle before he’d passed the test! We asked Tom about how this worked as inspiration:

“I’m sure the logical way to have done this would have been to pass my test first – and then look to buy the motorbike. But having a Crazy goal like this – and just how crazy it was came clear to me on my first, stuttering, confidence sapping lesson! – meant I had to commit, spend the money and then make sure it happened. It would have been so easy to have lost interest, faith or energy somewhere along the way – so making a commitment was, for me, the first step and then the inspiration to make my Crazy goal happen

Tom’s hard work and perseverance has paid off and a few days ago he completed another of his Concrete goals by passing his motorcycle drivers’ test. He’s now working hard on putting the next part of his plan into action. Thanks to his use of the Will it Make the Boat Go Faster? principles his Crazy goal is closer than ever. We’ll keep you up to date with Tom’s journey towards his personal Crazy goal.

Have you set a Crazy goal in your personal life? What is it and how are you progressing towards it? If you don’t have one, but Tom’s story has inspired you to create one, then take a look at our Goal Setting Exercise.

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