Crazy Goal Workshop & Leader Led Training Case Study

Rolls-Royce approached Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? following a period of aggressive growth; where they moved from niche player to a strong competitor to GE (measured in terms of market share).

The Challenge

As Rolls-Royce had grown so quickly they hadn’t focused enough on their people and processes. They wanted to continue to improve, and knew that the things that had gotten them to where they were, would not get them to where they wanted to go. Their goals and ambitions were high, and they called to us for support in achieving these.

Ade Davis, Head of Civil Aerospace Business Centre, wanted to dial up his team’s performance and embed the Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? philosophy. Two our our Senior Consultants; Ben Hunt-Davis MBE and Dr. Cath Bishop had previously worked with hundreds of employees at Rolls-Royce. Therefore our language and terminology was familiar and meant we could dive in deep with supporting the team right away.

The Solution

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? facilitated a Crazy Goal Workshop for the Civil Aerospace Business Centre Leadership Team. In this session it became apparent that for them to achieve their Crazy Goal they would need for everyone in the wider team to be rowing in the same direction. They had some way to go to achieving this and therefore we needed to design a solution post Workshop to solve this challenge.

To achieve this goal, Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? designed a 12 module Leader-Led Training Programme run over a 12 month duration. These 12 modules were designed to get everyone rowing in the same direction and to ensure that every member of the team learned the high performance principles needed to perform at the highest level.

The Results

  • People feel enlightened about how they can perform better, and as a result, performance levels have risen
  • The team have never been as invested in their day-to-day work before
  • Small incremental changes to be better day by day
  • Continuation on a journey of transformation; looking to make further changes to the way the team perform individually and as a unit
  • Discipline around work quality and the way the team do their work, together
  • Continuous improvement, addressing the mindset in which the team approach their work

    Leader Led Training has been truly transformational within our business. The material is simple to use and not ‘another task’. My teams have really engaged with it, and many people are saying it’s one of the best things they have done in their working career.

    Ade Davies
    Head of Civil Aerospace Business Centre, Rolls-Royce