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Ultimately everything we do is geared towards delivering success for our client. We want everyone we work with to feel and see the difference in how they work and perform. We are proud to be trusted advisers for many organisations as they focus on performance in order to achieve results.

Customer Stories

Crazy Goal Programme & Leadership Programme Case Study
We are delighted that as as result of the Programmes employee engagement increased by 11% over a single year and customer satisfaction increased from 59% to 83%. Along with this every individual became clear of what they were trying to achieve in lieu of the FSCS Crazy Goal.
Leadership Performance Programme Case Study
As a result of our Programme with Jewson, delegates have a far greater focus on prioritisation and 96% of delegates said that the Programme played a signification part in enabling them to deliver better results in their respective areas.
Conference Case Study
We helped Tillotts UK to create and embed their new challenging and motivating goal. Following the conference, the team had great clarity about the overarching goal of the company and had the focus they needed to move the boat forward, together.
Crazy Goal Workshop & Leader Led Training Case Study
Rolls-Royce approached Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? following a period of aggressive growth where they moved from niche player to second behind GE in terms of market share. As a result of the Programme performance levels rose and the team became highly invested in their day to day work, like never before.
Crazy Goal Programme Case Study
Kate Markham appointed us to work with her leadership team to create an over-arching vision, and establish a single unifying goal that they could work towards. In our language, they wanted to create their Crazy Goal. As a result of the Programme, the team became committed to the Crazy Goal and diligent with assessing how to drive day to day operations with that vision in mind.
Conference Case Study
The impact that the Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? led conference had on Mabey Hire was huge, including that the team restructured their business and how they were operating to become more effective. Individuals became open about giving and receiving feedback and mediocre performance went out the window.

In less than 12 hours from arriving on site we had a unifying purpose and Crazy goal that the wider leadership team had bought into and was committed to achieving. Three months later there is a material change in the way we work together, the questions we ask one another and the standards to which we hold each other.

The question “Will it make the boat go faster” rings out around all of the sites

Richard Hanrahan
Director of Customer Service, Agilisys

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? enabled us to break down the barriers & misconceptions surrounding personal development. Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? delivered everything that we’d hoped for in our endeavour to attaining clarity on our strategy, goals and culture. Tom’s two facilitated workshops were the highlight of our engagement and exceeded all of my expectations. Inspirational.

Marcus Whitehead
Partner at Barnett Waddingham

We had no goal and no single unifying thought. I wanted the opportunity to galvanise everyone. The Crazy Goal is everything we stand for as a brand. We use it in our recruitment, including our assessment centres, we use it throughout our training and how we recognise and reward people, and we rolled it out as comprehensively as we could. We were on a journey and the Crazy Goal replays over the longer term.

Kate Markham
Hiscox MD

The stand-out point about working with Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? is the time, energy and desire to really get under the skin of Jewson in order to develop and devise the best solutions to the challenges we faced at every stage of the programme – through the initial diagnostic phase, throughout the entire delivery, and including the reviews of progress during the programme also. In addition, the unique backgrounds & achievements of some of the programme facilitators gives them a real “wow factor” in working with participants to help them achieve their best performances more often.

Janine McLeod
Leadership Development, Jewson

“Will it make the boat go faster?” quickly became part of our language in almost every conversation across the business. As a result, we waste less time and effort on things that won’t help us to achieve our goal and more time on the things that will.

Catriona Marshall
Chief Executive, Hobbycraft

The Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? team have a unique ability to listen and provide something meaningful and bespoke. Tailoring and adapting the programme has been really valuable, we adjusted the focus as we went along in order to hone in on our individual performance, building resilience and understanding motivators to help each person individually navigate through the change going on.

Susan Schofield
VP EQT Functions, GKN Aerospace

It was the best money I spent last year, the best decision I made.

Oliver Cock
Managing Director, Compass Group

An energising and motivating experience for all that joined.

Sam Simister
Group Supply Chain Director, Innocent Drinks
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