Blog · Apr 3, 2014

What it takes to Compete in the BNY Mellon Boat Race: an Insider’s View

Tom Barry, Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? co-founder, takes a look at what it takes to compete as a team in the BNY Mellon Boat Race:

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

This weekend, this river’s edge will be filled with thousands of cheering faces. It’s that time of year when we witness what I think is one of the greatest sportest traditions – The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

33 years ago I was here, rowing the Boat Race for Oxford, so today, I’m really excited to be with the Oxford crew, as they’re heading out for one of their last training sessions before the race.

I know exactly what this team are going through – I’ve been there. It’s inspiring to watch them, pushing themselves to the technical limits and the physical limits, in pursuit of their goal.

Performance in Business

Watching this crew, I’m reminded again that there are so many parallels between elite performance in sport and elite performance in business.

Effective teamwork, focusing on what’s important, getting the process right, and a really strong focus on raising your performance.

And I know when we won this race in 1980 the performance principles and the applications were exactly the same for us.

Enjoy the race – and may the best team win!

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