Blog · Jan 31, 2014

Look out for Dinosaurs on the Golf Course!

Putting dinosaurs and adventure into golf might sound like a Crazy goal by itself, but Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf do just that!

We have been working with their leadership team to help them clarify and test their company’s Crazy goal and put it into action.

Using our unique terminology, we’ve helped many teams to answer the questions:

  • What boat are you really in – what’s your Crazy goal?
  • Are you aligning all your activities and processes to make it go faster?
  • What does it take from each of the team to play their part and what’s in it for them?

Through our process, goals shift from the necessary financial or smart goals, to the aspirational or Crazy goals that really inspire high performance. Follow the energised team at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf as they build their dream! Click here to find out more about them.

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