Blog · Nov 7, 2013

A Quick Tip For A Quick Win

Earlier in the week we were sent an interesting enquiry:

“We are trying to improve our transport business at depot level using your principles. Any tips for a quick win or to make improvements short term to demonstrate the changes and then set long term goals?”

Watch Tom’s video response here.

Many of us have huge Crazy goals that we’re setting out to achieve. Sometimes however they’re so distant that even the glimmer of a Gold medal or that promotion at work tests our daily motivation to get there. Or perhaps it’s the case that you’re excited by your Crazy goal but the people around you don’t share your enthusiasm?

We can all benefit from some quick wins from time to time.

So what can we do straightaway to keep ourselves on track and to keep everyone else on board and pulling in the same direction?

  1. There are probably 1000’s of things that you could be doing at any given moment, all competing for your attention. But what are the vital few – activities, attitudes or behaviours – that you should be doing? It comes back down to the simple question, will it make the boat go faster? Our advice here is keep it simple. Pin down those one or two critical elements that will make the difference to achieving your Crazy goal – and focus on them.
  2. Once you have decided on them, let everyone know what they are; what is it you’ll be focusing on and why?
  3. Next consider – how will you measure yours’ and others’ performance in those critical elements? Not the results we all crave for, but improvements in the performance needed to get there. Results can take a long time to achieve and it’s vital to show others – and yourself – that you’re on the right track. So, how will you identify and measure the improvements in performance – and communicate them too? We all get energy from being recognised for our efforts – and we all need it to keep ourselves going towards the distant Crazy goal.
  4. Finally, once you’ve identified where your performance is improving – how will you reward it? Remember that rewards differ for different people – some like social recognition, others may prefer just an email to say thank you. Take 5 minutes to plan this pleasurable task!

In summary, to make your boat go faster, you need to know what it is that needs to be improved, how you’ll measure any performance improvement and how you’ll reward it. By making the immediate improvements visible and clear for everyone to see, motivation and excitement will improve no end – that’s when you can start to think again about your longer term results. Everyone is on board and heading in the same direction.

Hope you find this useful. Let us know any strategies for quick wins you’ve used in your team.

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