Blog · Jan 3, 2014

Will your New Year’s Resolutions Make your Boat go Faster?

Happy New Year!

It’s a great time of year to be making new plans and setting goals. If you haven’t spent any time yet setting yourself some targets and don’t know where to start you could download our Crazy goal help sheet that will give you some pointers! We also suggest looking back over 2013 and reviewing the year; what went went well, what were you disappointed with, what do you need to differently this year to avoid those same disappointments?

While we love setting Crazy goals, (and we hope you do too!) it is important to check that your resolutions are properly aligned to your overall goal. Will the resolutions and changes you make really take you in the direction you want to go?

Click here to watch Ben-Hunt Davis look at three ways to make sure that your resolutions will make your boat go faster in 2014.

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