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Setting Business Goals in 2015 – Better Bathrooms’ Crazy goal

Setting business goals in 2015

It has only been a few weeks since most of us returned from our Christmas break – it may already seem a distant memory as you find yourself slipping back into a cycle of long hours and an ever-lengthening to-do list. The pressure to deal with whatever lands on your desk, rather than the things you really want to concentrate on can cause you to lose focus.

Most business leaders are so busy these days, doing the work that’s in front of them –  it’s not easy to stop the madness, step back and really consider what you should be doing, rather than what’s screaming for your attention. That’s where a Crazy goal can help – a constant focus that prompts analysis of every action you take.

When you’re setting business goals in your teams for 2015, have you considered whether your goals include a Crazy goal?

Why do you need a Crazy goal?

It’s proven that a well crafted Crazy goal can inspire teams to great things – high performing teams are usually a result of a total buy-in to a common objective.

A Crazy goal is the start of the path to success. By setting a Crazy goal, you are helping your team to flourish by giving them focus to do the right things, and do them better, every single day.

Clarifying your Crazy goal and the Concrete goals that follow from that, means that you can then construct the right question for your organisation. It’s a question that you and your teams can ask to sense check any proposed activity and whether it takes you closer to your objective.

A Crazy goal for Better Bathrooms

For an organisation like the award winning Better Bathrooms, who are working through the Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? programme, they wanted to focus  everyone’s attention on one single goal. The Crazy goal that transpired from our work together, brings together all the existing strategies into one clear statement that is a stretching and memorable driver for the whole organisation.


Better Bathroom’s Crazy goal is: To be recommended by everyone


To help them achieve their Crazy goal they have implemented a number of concrete layers. Each of these is tested by asking: “Will it take them closer to their objective of gaining a recommendation from everyone?”

As a result they are making real changes to the way they position their business. For example, everyone who visits the Better Bathrooms website has the opportunity to contact the company’s CEO directly with any questions, comments or issues. This system makes it easy for the company to act on any feedback and resolve any issues that may hinder a customer from recommending them. A strong follow-up takes them closer to their Crazy goal of a recommendation from everyone.

How will you reach your business goals this year?

We’re helping organisations and teams all over the country set their business goals for 2015 with our Crazy goal workshops. If you’d like more information about these workshops and how they help with setting business goals in 2015 then please register for more information. We’d be delighted to explain our approach and share our case studies with you.

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