Blog · Jun 24, 2013

How Clear are you on your Crazy Goal? – The Business Show

On Thursday 6th June Ben Hunt-Davis and the Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? team spent the day at the London Business Show. Ben told his inspiring story about the GB eight’s long, enlightened journey to Gold at the Sydney Olympics and the team engaged with many enthusiastic entrepreneurs and small business owners at their stand.

The questions we posed to them were:

  1. What percentage of your time is spent doing things that will make your boat go faster?
  2. What percentage of your time is spent doing things that will not make your boat go faster?
  3. How clear are you and your people on your Organisation’s Crazy goal?

What would be your answers?

It was really interesting to hear the responses of the individuals and to have some discussion around them. Responses varied for the first two questions, but interestingly over half of the people we asked answered that they and their people are less than 50% clear on their Organisation’s Crazy goal! Does that surprise you… or not? Are you clear about your Organisation’s Crazy goal?

Being really clear on what you’re trying to do is essential so you can align your actions and behaviours to ensure you’re heading in the right direction to achieve it! Ben was interviewed on the day about his Olympic story and how it can relate to business and stated:

“The idea was to challenge every single thing we were doing. Absolutely everything, as to whether it would make the boat go faster. We had one very simple, clear, well-defined goal and everything we did, every conversation, every interaction, every action, every decision had to be about making the boat go faster”

So, by being clear on their goal and asking themselves every single time, will it make the boat go faster? they were able to achieve their Crazy goal. What is your Crazy goal? And what is your question that will get you there?

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