Basils & Pauls · Dec 17, 2012

BBC Sports Personality 2012

Last night I was very lucky to be able to attend the BBC Sports Personality 2012. It was a fantastic evening of celebrating the best in British sport and there is so much to celebrate. What was sad was that there were so many who didn’t get mentioned or only had a 5 second clip of their success but a TV show can only be so long! 

The message that came across most clearly for me from the event was that everyone thanked the people around them. The “Unsung heroes” spoke of all the coaches who worked at their centre. All of the athletes spoke about their families and support staff. The coach of the year, Dave Brailsford spoke of the other coaches. Seb Coe spoke of his parents, and the huge team of people who had been around him supporting and helping him. Everyone who had a microphone put in front of them, including the presenters at the end of the show, thanked people for making it happen.

In order to be successful we all need help. When we know what we want we need to take time to find the people who can help us achieve it. Sometimes we might need  to know that people will love and respect us no matter what the outcome, sometimes we need the people who will ask us the difficult questions that we don’t want to have to answer, sometimes we need the people to show us the options when we can’t see them ourselves. We need people to help us succeed in every walk of life.

Taking time to find the right people is normally time well spent and taking time to thank them is always time well spent.

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