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Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? help leaders and teams to define their ambition and achieve what they never thought was possible. We deliver our content both virtually and in person.

Who we are

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? are a leadership and performance consultancy who help teams achieve what they may never have thought possible. We get our clients’ crystal clear on their purpose, help create and embed a high-performance culture and inspire and excite behavioural change down to the individual level. In partnership with them, our aim is to encourage company-wide shifts in performance that deliver an outstanding uplift in business results in service of achieving their Gold medal equivalent. We work both virtually and in person with our clients.

Our Performance Programmes

We believe that any individual or team can achieve exceptional performance with the right focus and approach. Our performance experts have spent their lives in the pursuit of improving individual and team performance and are now committed to helping you with yours.

Crazy Goal Programme
Our signature Crazy Goal Programme gets your whole senior team behind a shared, purpose-driven goal. We then support you over time in translating the goal into tangible everyday areas of focus. Embedding the goal, whilst aligning and motivating the entire team in its pursuit.
Leadership Performance Programme
Achieving high performance is impossible without leaders who create an environment where talent can thrive. We develop leaders who raise their own bar and can inspire and unite their teams to deliver consistent high performance.
High Performing Teams Programme
Whether you’re a dysfunctional team looking to improve, or a good team looking to take performance to the next level, our Team Performance Programme will help you establish new ways of working that change your boat speed and the results you achieve.

Customer Stories

Crazy Goal Programme & Leadership Programme Case Study
We are delighted that as as result of the Programmes employee engagement increased by 11% over a single year and customer satisfaction increased from 59% to 83%. Along with this every individual became clear of what they were trying to achieve in lieu of the FSCS Crazy Goal.
Leadership Performance Programme Case Study
As a result of our Programme with Jewson, delegates have a far greater focus on prioritisation and 96% of delegates said that the Programme played a signification part in enabling them to deliver better results in their respective areas.
Conference Case Study
We helped Tillotts UK to create and embed their new challenging and motivating goal. Following the conference, the team had great clarity about the overarching goal of the company and had the focus they needed to move the boat forward, together.

“Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?’ enabled us to break down the barriers & misconceptions surrounding personal development. “Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? delivered everything that we’d hoped for in our endeavour to attaining clarity on our strategy, goals and culture. Tom’s facilitated workshops were the highlight of our engagement and exceeded all of my expectations. Inspirational.”

Marcus Whitehead

Working with Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? over a period of eight months has significantly improved my leadership style and capability. Through a process of distilling my personal goals and creating clear linkages and opportunities with my professional role, Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? has been invaluable in developing and supporting the delivery of effective leadership skills and techniques. These have enabled me to become an increasingly engaging leader which have delivered tangible results in the workplace.

Richard Astill

We’ve been guided by the WIMTBGF? team to imbed the principles of goal setting, focus, good habits and teamwork across the business. The very question “Will it make the boat go faster?” quickly became part of our language in almost every conversation across the business. As a result, we waste less time and effort on things that won’t help us to achieve our goal and more time on the things that will. In summary, the principles are simple to adopt and powerful when consistently put into action. The team at WIMTBGF? have been both challenging of us and a pleasure to work with.

Catriona Marshall

The facilitation was amazing – handling a diverse team, getting the balance between driving us forward and letting us explore things more deeply and then summarising conversations into meaningful and clear views and actions. The best I’ve ever seen someone do this. In summary, you’ve made an outstanding contribution to the development of the Exec team.


Jimmy Barber
Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Keynote Speaking

Our motivational speakers have amazing life stories to tell, that will captivate your audience and inspire them for the road ahead. By taking the time to learn about your objectives and understand your audience they will tailor their presentation to suit the specific needs of your business.

Olympic gold medallist, entrepreneur & author
Ben tells the story of the last 24 months leading up to the Sydney Olympics and how the Great Britain Men’s Eights changed as a crew from being a regularly 7th placed boat to a winning one.
Harriet tells the story of ‘Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?’ from the point of view of a sceptic who has been won over through hard evidence. This keynote is rooted in practical application and real-world stories.
Drawing on her unique combination of experiences, Cath understands the resilience and leadership required to achieve high performance in challenging circumstances.
Steve tells the stories of some of the most well-known British Olympic champions, and puts into perspective the extraordinary performance strategies and plans required to achieve outstanding Olympic results.
An inspirational & motivational story in pursuit of a Crazy goal, the achievements and self-evident team spirit of the GB Women’s hockey team in Rio captured the hearts and minds of the nation.
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